Journal Quality Score (JCI QS)

1. International Reputation

Language of publication: Journals publishing in English language can gain more weightage than that of the journals publishing in regional languages.

International Editorial Board: Editorial board with the international experts can gain more weightage. At least, 50% of the Editorial board members should be international experts.

What does international experts mean? If the Journal is registered in USA, the editorial board, atleast 50%, should consist of experts from other countries.

Diversification in the editorial board is must and it should not be from only one country.

International popularity: How often the international authors publishing their papers in your journal.

2. Scientific Quality

Our experts will check the published papers for the quality of the content. Journals with thw quality content can gain more weightage.

3. Stability / Age of the Journal

Journal should be atleast 1 year old and sho

4. Technical Standards

We look for the following.


– Reference linking (Crossref / DOI)

– Any other digital identifiers like ADI, and V Mark (Read More).

– Quality and user friendly nature of the journal website.

– Data representation in website.

– Any Review Managemenet System.

5. Review Standards

We look for the following.

– Flow of the review management.

– Any Review Management System, if you are using.

– Tools using for the originality check.

6. Policies

We look for the following.

– Legal ownership of the content.

– Article Retraction Policy.

– Copyright transfer.

– Conflict of interest.

– Author guidelines.

– Review procedure.

– Editorial Policies.

– Reviewer guidelines.

– Editor guidelines.

7. Editorial Quality

We look for the following.

– First page of the paper for title, ISSN, volume / number / month / year etc and any digital identifiers like DOI, ADI (Read More) etc and Verifiers like V Mark (Read More) etc.

– Contact details of editor, editorial board, and publisher.

– Uniform structure of the articles.

– International standards of your guidelines.

8. Quality Content

We check the journal for the quality of the content, illustrations, images, graphs and tables.

9. Data Security

We look for the digital repository and its data retrieval policy.

10. Acceptance and Rejection Rate

We ask every journal to submit this data before initiating the screening for the JCI QS.

Formula: Quality Score will be calculated for 100 points. Please find the weightage for each category of Quality Score.

Category Points
International Reputation 10
Scientific Quality 10
Stability / Age of the Journal 10
Technical Standards 10
Review Standards 10
Policies 10
Editorial Quality 10
Quality Content 10
Data Security 10
Acceptance and Rejection Rate 10
Total 100

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