Journal Citation Index (JCI) is the part of ScienTechS which is offering various services / technology development / support for the publishing industry, education and research. The JCI is a widely used platform in the field of academic research and scholarly publishing. It is a bibliographic database that provides information about the citation patterns of articles published in various scientific and scholarly journals. The JCI is primarily used to evaluate the Impact Factor as well as Quality Score and influence of academic journals and individual articles within a specific field of study.

The JCI assigns each journal a “Journal Impact Factor” (JCI IF) and “Quality Score” (JIC QS) within a specific timeframe. The JCI IF and JCI QS is often considered a proxy for the importance and prestige of a journal within its field.

Researchers and institutions use the JCI IF and JCI QS to assess the quality and impact of scholarly journals. Journals with the higher impact factors and Quality Scores are generally regarded as more influential within their respective disciplines. As a result, publishing in journals with high impact factors is often seen as desirable and can positively affect researchers’ career progression and funding opportunities.

The JCI IF and JCI QS continue to be widely used in academic and research communities as a tool for evaluating scholarly journals. They provide a standardized and quantitative measure of journal influence and facilitate comparisons between different publications. However, it is essential to consider impact factors and quality scores alongside other metrics and qualitative assessments when evaluating the quality and significance of research.